dental implants
When a tooth is badly broken down, whether by deep decay or fracture, the nerve of the tooth can be compromised and become painful. A decision must be made about the restorability of the tooth. If plenty of tooth structure is available, a root canal procedure will eliminate the symptoms and allow the tooth to...
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Are you comparing teeth replacement options? There are a few different solutions dentists can provide to replace missing or damaged teeth. Some of these options include fixed dental implant bridges and snap on dentures. Which option is best for you depends on a variety of factors.  First, it is important to understand the difference between...
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Senior Woman Admiring New Dental Implants
Of all the tooth replacement options available, a dental implant is the best one for most patients. But to get the best, you must be ready to pay a higher cost. The average dental implant usually costs somewhere between $5,000 and $6,000. This is higher than the cost of a bridge, but an implant offers...
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dental implant guide
Replacing a missing or damaged tooth with a dental implant is the best option for most people. A dental implant is a permanent, long-lasting solution that looks and functions like a natural tooth and keeps the jaw bone strong.  Are you thinking about getting a dental implant? If so, this overview of the dental implant...
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Photograph of a dentist pointing at a model of a dental implant in an office setting.
Compared to other dental procedures, such as having a cavity filled or a bridge placed, the process of getting dental implants can seem much more invasive and involved. Fortunately, it is a process that has been tested and used on millions of patients around the world. By many, dental implants are the gold standard for...
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Dentist Explaining Dental Implants To Patient
If you’re missing teeth, your dentist may recommend dental implants as a restorative solution to replace them. For patients who are good candidates for the procedure, it is an excellent, long-lasting restoration. However, there are some misunderstandings patients may have about dental implants worth clarifying. Myth 1: Implants are Expensive While it is true that...
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