Safety Protocols

The following safety protocols represent the latest recommendations on top of the ones I have been practicing with for decades. I ask all of you for your cooperation, patience and support with the following new protocols we will use in practice in the new dental reality.

As a member of a Covid Dental Task Force, I continue to participate in weekly Zoom conferences where we share information, cutting edge advice and dental practice recommendations. I am confident that when I resume practice, these preventive protocols will go above and beyond current recommendations to keep you safe. When testing is available and predictable, we will not hesitate to use it on every patient. That will be a game changer.

The addition of this COVID-19 Safety Protocol Page to my website incorporates the latest recommendations in addition to the ones I have been practicing for decades. Joann and Elizabeth are answering phone calls during office hours. Please do not hesitate to call, if you have questions. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, patience, and support with the new protocols. I am sure, like everything else these days, that they will change as information and recommendations get updated.


All patients will be prescreened prior to arrival.

  •  Phone calls or Teledentistry video will allow discussion and pertinent questions to be asked
  • Anyone who has symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, muscle aches and pains, productive cough, dry cough, high fever, sense of loss of smell and/or taste, difficulty breathing with feelings of pressure in the chest, or any combination are to be rescheduled
  • If friends or family must accompany patients, we must prescreen them also
  • Waiting room will not be used for the foreseeable future
  • Doctor and staff prescreened daily


Upon arrival

  • Give us a call to let us know you’ve arrived, and we’ll notify you when we are ready for you to come in.
  • Since existing waiting room furniture is not amenable to disinfection, it will not be used
  • Wear face masks
  •  Bring your own pens
  •  Review of prescreen questions
  • Maintain social distancing throughout office
  • All patients to wash hands for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer
  • Pulse oximeter will be used to evaluate oxygen saturation
  •  Digital thermometer will be used to establish temperature
  • Please do not bring friends or relatives who do not have a scheduled appointment. Only scheduled patients will be allowed in the treatment and common areas


Front desk

  • N95 masks will be used
  •  Surgical scrubs
  •  Gloves
  •  No touch options for payments
  • Wiping down touch screens and credit card machines after each use


Increased efforts to disinfect office and waiting area.

  •  Regularly disinfecting bathrooms, furniture, doors and handles.
  • Magazines are removed as they are not amenable to disinfection


Treatment rooms  

  •  Disposable plastic isolation wraps changed between patients
  • All surfaces disinfected with a chemical germicide between each patient
  • Flush all water lines (2 minutes prior to first patient visit).
  • All treatment room water supplies are disinfected by the Sterisil System
  • Perform a 1-minute swish with an oral rinse which we will supply.
  •  Increased PPE for all staff who provide dental care. Gowns, face shields, and N95 masks disposed of, or if reusable, disinfected thoroughly between each patient.
  • Aerosol control through High Volume Evacuation (HVE) during dental procedures
  •  Increased use of rubber dams and Releaf aerosol control system
  •  Procedure times may be limited to reduce aerosols in treatment rooms
  • Air will be purified with a virus eliminating air purifier such as the Blueair air purifier


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